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YunExpress is one of the world’s leading logistics providers, delivering seamless solutions to the global cross-border e-commerce sector. In 2020, the European headquarters of YunExpress was established in the Netherlands, which works in close partnership with local operations in over 30 European countries, with subsidiaries running in 21 of them.


Founded in 2020, YunExpress Baltic operates its main hub in Tallinn, Estonia. It focuses on e-commerce parcel delivery and provides diverse value-added services in fulfilment and logistics across the entire Baltic region. Our newly opened operations centre handles nearly 10,000 parcels from Europe and Asia every week.


YunExpress Baltic strives to provide professional and cost-effective services. Thanks to our strategic location, professional team and strong partnerships with global and local market leaders, parcels are processed quickly and delivered to customers in a timely and convenient way. We treat our clients’ needs as a top priority and we are ready to provide reliable, tailor-made solutions to meet your expectations.

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Logistics Network & Average Delivery Time

• Europe: 4 – 7 working days


• North & South America: 5 – 8 working days


• Middle East & North Africa: 5 – 8 working days


• Asia & Pacific: 5 – 7 working days


  • We focus on delivering superior customer experiences by addressing specific needs.
  • We strive for operational excellence in every aspect and at every stage of our service.
  • We add value to your global business by providing a variety of tailored logistics solutions.
  • We are committed to green logistics, as well as to sustainable and technically driven development.
  • Pan-EU End-to-End Parcel Delivery

    We provide reliable end-to-end logistics solutions, particularly for B2C small and lightweight (0–5 kg) e-commerce parcel shipping from the Baltics to Europe and vice versa. Our 21 hubs across Europe and our strong relationships with global and local last-mile partners give us full control of service quality and allow us to provide the most competitive prices to our clients. Our solutions are flexible and can be customised to your needs. We also offer extra services such as proof of delivery (POD) and cash on delivery (COD).

    Baltic 1 Pan-Europe End-to-End Parcel Delivery
  • Gateway and Line-haul Solutions

    Thanks to our extensive logistics network and partnerships with global market leaders, we have built a solid service portfolio suitable for the varied needs of our clients. We have more than 100 daily linehauls across Europe, which allow us to transport your goods time- and cost-effectively. We also offer gateway services in major Baltic and pan-Europe injection points, including customs clearance, ground handling, cross-docking and more.

    Baltic 2 Gateway and Linehaul Solutions
  • Value-added Services

    Each of our 21 hubs in Europe, including YunExpress Baltic, can offer tailored value-added services such as return management, fulfilment solutions, sorting, labelling, tracking and beyond. Our customised returns management services include but are not limited to quality inspection, consolidation, storage, repackaging, reassignment or destruction of your returned items. With our one-stop solution, you can provide your customers with a smooth and convenient return experience.

    Baltic 3 value added services


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    Average Transport Time
    4–6 business days
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    Tracking & POD
    Full tracking including delivery confirmation. Signed POD service available
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    Remote Area Deliveries
    Full coverage for all areas without any surcharges
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    Maximum Weights / Dimensions
    0–5kg, higher weights accepted on request / 59x36x60cm
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    Commodities Accepted
    General cargo. For restricted items such as electronics with batteries, perfumes, hazmat, or ID8000 goods, contact us for a dedicated solution
  • service_ico_05
    Undeliverable Parcels
    Returned to YunExpress Baltic. Resend to consumer or return to origin
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    Compensation / Extended Liability
    We can provide compensation for undelivered parcels without status updates or delivery attempts. The amount depends on the case; an upper limit of €25/parcel applies


Does YunExpress provide full parcel tracking?

Yes, we offer end-to-end tracking for every parcel, along with multiple milestones and delivery confirmation.

Does YunExpress offer an API integration service?

Yes, we offer multiple options for submitting shipping data and creating customised labels online via a web-based user centre or API integration. We provide API development specification documents to help you integrate with us.

Can I cooperate with YunExpress without API integration?

No problem! Our web-based user centre allows you to access our network and place orders (in bulk) online without integration.

Does YunExpress provide COD and POD services?

Yes, we can provide extra services such as proof of delivery (POD) or cash on delivery (COD) on demand.

Does YunExpress offer fulfilment services?

Yes, our fulfilment centres offer a wide range of warehousing and value-added services, including storage, quality control, repackaging, relabelling and more.



Veerenni 24, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia


Opening hours

9:00 – 18:00 (GMT+2)

Monday – Friday



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