Zongteng Group has signed a partnership agreement with CTT – Correios de Portugal, a Portuguese logistics company that operates as both the national postal service and a commercial group with subsidiaries in express and parcels, banking, and other services, to create a joint venture that aims to manage the business of a locker network for parcel pick-up in Portugal and Spain. CTT will have a majority stake of 66% in the new company. Zongteng Group’s stake will be 34%.



This partnership aims to develop a leading network of lockers for e-commerce in Portugal, which will be open to any carriers. By the end of 2022, the two parties plan to install 1,000 lockers, thus offering the largest and most widespread national network of lockers that will be part of the current network of more than 2,000 CTT Pick-up Points. This business will represent a joint investment of around 8 million euros.


CTT is an important last-mile carrier partner of Zongteng Group in Portugal and Spain. The strategic partnership can effectively shorten the delivery time, increase the success rate, and enhance customer satisfaction. At the same time, it also provides a more cost-efficient and sustainable alternative for e-commerce sellers when choosing last-mile services. The locker network will also be supported by a group of different local suppliers, from metal work to software, allowing greater autonomy and technological agility in the local community.



Since its foundation, Zongteng Group has adhered to the positioning as a “global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider” and has built an integrated logistics network covering the whole Europe with dedicated logistics routes, overseas warehouses and supply chain services. This joint venture lays down another cornerstone for Zongteng Group in the process of localization in Europe by building an open, efficient and sharing ecosystem that empowers the local logistic partners to serve the e-commerce sector better.



eumarketing@yunexpress.com (Xiaofei Lu)