Since its foundation in 2020, YunExpress Europe, the European headquarter of YunExpress and the leading global cross-border e-commerce logistics provider that focuses on European markets, has started providing services in over 30 European countries and established branches in 19 among them. These achievements would not be possible without the effort and commitment of our great local teams. In this series of stories, we would like to share the insights of our business operation and how we develop along with it.



In this third story of the series, we turn back to the Netherlands, where our YunExpress European headquarter is located. The Netherlands, ranked fourth on the list of Forbes Best Countries for Business, is undoubtedly an important pit stop for our journey in Europe.


“There are 3 strategic reasons to set up our European headquarter in the Netherlands,” said Kenneth Jin, General Director of YunExpress Europe. “First of all, due to its outstanding transportation infrastructure, besides its geographic advantage and a central location within Europe, the Netherlands is a leading logistics hotspot. That is of exceptional importance to our operation and clients.”


According to World Bank Logistics Performance Index, the Netherlands has the world’s most efficient seaports and air transports, which provides unparalleled access to Europe and beyond. Its high-speed rail and motorways also open up the rest of Europe for multimodal transport and distribution. The head office is located in the neighbourhood of Schiphol Airport, the fourth largest cargo airport in Europe. It is also the second-largest import destination and second-largest exporter in Europe.



“Furthermore, the Netherlands’ logistics sector is at the forefront of innovation. We were attracted by the advanced distribution capabilities and robust supply chain system in the Netherlands, since developing an IT smart, future-proof and sustainable logistics network is our goal, and certainly the future.” Jin added.


“Last but not the least, the Netherlands’ business climate is also very business-friendly in every aspect.” Jin commented, “The combination of fair legal and tax systems and financial incentives for foreign capitals play an important role in our decision makings. Well skilled workforce in every level from the shop floor to the boardroom is another big plus.”



On the operational side, the business focus of YunExpress in the Netherlands falls into two categories: G2G (Global to Global) logistics and comprehensive SCS (Supply Chain Solutions).


“Our G2G team is committed to exploring logistics opportunities in every corner of Europe and delivering high-standard economy logistics services to domestic e-commerce clients,” said Weile Zhao, General Manager of YunExpress Supply Chain Solutions.


“Meanwhile, we also provide parcel return, parcel sorting, freight forwarding and direct routes planning services for our own European branches. More specifically, we have a dedicated transport team for planning cost- and time-efficient transportation networks in Europe, and a dedicated sorting operation team that makes extensive use of AI technology to optimize supply chain solutions in our central hub with an operational floor space of 7,700 square meters.” Zhao added.



In the promising yet very competitive e-commerce logistics sector, YunExpress distinguishes itself by leveraging four remarkable strengths: cost efficiency, timeliness, comprehensive transportation network and an outstanding team of experts.


“We have built a lot from scratch within a year: G2G products, transportation network and automated sorting system. With all these efforts, we have managed to provide seamless services to our clients at the most profoundly reasonable price in Europe and beyond.” Zhao indicated.


“Remarkably, we managed to provide precise route planning during the peak season last winter, which was a chaotic one for the whole logistic sector, not to mention our success in designing and implementing the model of our European transportation network. In May this year, we are about to launch one of the largest distribution centres in the Europe, serving on the one hand as the departure of regional deliveries, and on the other hand as an international transfer hub for all European markets. The sorting process is powered by new technologies, and therefore highly automated.”



Besides operational excellence, people are an essential part of our success.


Changwan Wang, Head of HR at YunExpress Europe, explained, “We have excellent teams here at YunExpress. We continuously adapt and reinvent ourselves to embrace cultural and background diversities. At work, all the employees are encouraged to surpass the limits and speak our minds. Furthermore, we work on cultivating strong peer relations on the basis of mutual respect in and outside the workplace. We are proud of gathering many highly-motivated international talents to join us and delivering the business success together.”


If you are interested in joining the YunExpress family or exploring the possibilities of business cooperation in the Netherlands, please don’t hesitate to contact Weile Zhao via