Since the foundation in 2020, YunExpress Europe, the European headquarter of YunExpress and the leading global cross-border e-commerce logistics provider that focuses on European markets, has started providing services in over 30 European countries and established branches in 19 among them. These achievements would not be possible without the effort and commitment of our great local teams. In this series of stories, we would like to share the insights of our business operation and how we develop along with it.



In this fourth story of the series, we concentrate on the development of YunExpress in the Nordic markets. The General Managers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are invited to share their stories and insights.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so does the march to enter the Nordic market. Sunny Sun, General Manager of YunExpress Sweden, introduced, “We kicked off the Nordic business in 2018 in Sweden, as the starting point of our journey. At that time, we seized the opportunity brought about by the policy change of postal administrative procedures. Due to the increase in service cost, traditional postal methods in the Nordic markets became expensive, which leaves opportunities for the logistics solutions that is tailored for e-commerce business.”


Benefiting from this opportunity, YunExpress successfully entered the Swedish market with its high-standard yet cost-efficient products and services. Gradually, the business was expanded to Denmark and Norway in 2019, and further to Finland in 2020. Until now, YunExpress Nordics runs a team of 25 full-time professionals, operates 20,000 square feet of warehouse space and processes over 40,000 parcels daily within Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.




Remarkably, the Nordic countries have enormous potential in the cross-border e-commerce and logistics industry.


On the one hand, due to its outstanding internet penetration rate, namely 95% of the entire population are internet users (World Bank, 2019) and 79% are e-shoppers (Ecommerce Europe, 2019), the Nordics countries rank top in the e-commerce development indices. On the other hand, the high local price level and purchase power indicate that imports can bring huge price advantages, and therefore quickly occupy the e-commerce market. Evidences also show that e-shoppers from Scandinavia spend the most on average among all European countries. It’s certainly a win-win situation for both local consumers and cross-border e-commerce sellers.



Sun mentioned, “However, we did encounter some challenges in the cross-border e-commerce industry in the Nordic countries, especially in the export sector.”


“Since the major industries in the Nordic countries concentrate on non-e-commerce businesses, namely energy, fishing, shipping, life science and power-generating machinery, it’s particularly challenging to find business potentials for traditional e-commerce logistics. Additionally, Scandinavia is vast yet sparsely populated. Given the impact of geographic conditions and climate uncertainty, it’s particularly important to be prepared for the powerful and cascading effects of harsh weather elements, such as low temperatures, heavy snowfalls and strong winds. The commitment to timeliness and stability is another challenge for all logistics providers.” Sun explained.




YunExpress responds to the challenges quickly and turns them into opportunities. “Firstly, we can provide flexible logistics solutions based on different product types.” Lu Liu, General Manager of YunExpress Norway, mentioned.


“In our core e-commerce parcel business, we offer logistics solutions for small parcels under 5 kilograms, such as Norwegian outdoor clothing, Swedish food supplements, Finnish maternity package and Danish Hygge decor. However, we are also ready to serve various e-sellers in the Nordic markets, including large-scale furniture, outdoor sports equipment, fishery and agricultural products, etc. We open the door for every client who looks for flexible, low-cost and high-efficient logistics partners.



“Secondly, we can adapt our logistics solution not only to different characteristics of products, but also to various weather conditions.” Liping Fu, General Manager of Finland, explained.


“YunExpress has set up truck routes that cover 30+ European countries, including the Nordic region, to provide comprehensive and speedy logistics services in entire Europe and beyond. Against extreme weather conditions, we are also investigating into the implementation of intermodal transportation methods with various business partners, including railways, waterways and airways. We would like to provide the best-in-class services to ensure the stability and reliability of the deliveries.”



“Last but not the least, we can help our clients to connect the Nordics with entire Europe and beyond.” Jesper Zhang, General Manager of YunExpress Denmark, indicated.


“Although our remarkable C2G (China to Global) products, namely the cross-border e-commerce parcel, have been running successfully for several years, we have never stopped expanding our business.” Zhang explained, “The Nordic products earn a high reputation in their excellent design and high quality, noticeably in the markets outside Europe, such as China and Southeastern Asia. We are confident to help Nordic clients to expand their international influence in the Far East. We also don’t limit ourselves to the client groups, as we seek cooperation opportunities with wholesalers, distributors and producers, besides online retailers.”



In the coming years, YunExpress has clear strategic plans in the Nordic region. In order to continuously improve capacity, facilities and infrastructures, YunExpress will establish a brand new regional processing centre of 50,000 square feet this summer in Sweden, and all the other Nordic countries will have their local hubs. Channel optimization, last-mile delivery improvement and client relationship management are also of great importance. The goal is to further expand our advantages in cost efficiency and timely delivery.


In the long term, YunExpress aims to set up a Nordic distribution centre and run the business independently with abundant airline resources, local customs clearance service and full parcel processing capacity. In this promising yet very competitive e-commerce logistics sector, YunExpress is confident to distinguish itself in the Nordic countries by its comprehensive transportation system and reliable services.



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