Trade and logistics are at the heart of the Southern California economy. Los Angeles is the primary business center of the region and has always been a city in motion. Mixed-use towers continue to rise on the downtown skyline as transit lines and freeways are expanding and extending their reach. Together with the LAX airport, the city offers outstanding opportunities and benefits to connect U.S. based firms and e-tailers with the rest of the world.


Los Angeles International Airport is roughly the size of 8 midmarket airports. LAX handles almost 60,000 flights a month to/from 45 countries. There are more than 50 million people who travel into or out of LAX and 2 million tons of cargo passes through this airport every year, ranking LAX as the sixth largest airport in the world in cargo tonnage handled.


YunExpress USA at LAX

YunExpress opened a brand new 21,000 square feet warehouse with an extra 4,000 square feet of office space right by Los Angeles International Airport by August 2019. This allows us to ideally serve the large group of online sellers located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, California, and all other western US states with outstanding international DDP shipping solutions.



By operating our own fleet of several trucks which travel back and forth between our warehouse and the airport cargo terminals, we reach all major airlines within 5 to 10 minutes. With 16 loading docks, we are able to load or offload over a dozen trucks at the same time and they can quickly reach the nearby 405 and 105 Interstate Freeways. Yun Express does also arrange collections from other California cities and western US states.

Facts about Los Angeles

  • Geographic location

The geography of Los Angeles with its proximity to Asia creates a natural drive of growth in the region, since shipments from Asia are weeks faster to Long Beach than to the East Coast. This has been leading to many apparel brands establishing themselves in the LA region to maintain better liquidity through faster inventory turnovers. LA has become an extremely important apparel hub in the United States for fashion and many other product categories manufactured in Asia. For cross-border e-commerce sellers, LA is the natural ideal hub into Asia, but offers a lot of shipping options into Europe at the same time.


  • Infrastructure

Over two million tons of air cargo valued at nearly $96.3 billion are handled at LAX annually, which makes it the 3rd busiest in the United States. It is a very efficient port to import/export from due to the wide availability of flights to/from key markets for international freight. The LAX area has more than 2.1 million square feet of space devoted to air cargo across 194 acres, giving the airport and any e-commerce firms operating nearby enough space to establish operations, run smoothly, and have quick connections for departing and arriving flights.


  • Start-up atmosphere

LA is a hotspot for start-ups, which may be related to a strong industry, a large number of investors and possibly even the year-round good weather that draws young talent into this region. Many of these start-ups are selling online, in fact some of the most popular fashion online sellers such as Fashion Nova, Nastygal, Lulu or Planet Blue are based in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


LAX offers e-commerce businesses the ideal location and available flights to ship their products abroad. We are thrilled about the opening and proud to be established on the East and West coast of the US. If you wish to improve your international customers’ delivery experience, get in touch with YunExpress USA today.