Before IRCE, our Director of Business Development, Stephen Rocco, sat down for an interview with SourceGroup LCC, for the Retail Industry News magazine, explaining some crucial key points about YunExpress USA.


YunExpress — Delivered Duty Paid Shipping to Europe & Australia Made Easy!

YunExpress, founded in 2014, is one of the world’s top 10 cross-border shipping providers for B2C e-commerce and is also Asia’s second largest cross-border e-commerce shipping provider. Its mission is to connect eTailers with consumers around the world by providing easy to use, fast, and affordable DDP shipping solutions. Today, YunExpress handles 500,000-plus parcels globally per day through its custom-built network of 23 strategically located e-commerce hubs in 11 countries in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Stephen Rocco, Director of Business Development for the USA, provided some insight into this quickly growing company.


Q: Tell us about your company. What’s your focus?

A: At YunExpress USA, our chief concern is helping American online retailers to easily and quickly reach their cross-border customers located in Europe and Australia. Our immense global parcel volumes give us massive buying power with the top final-mile delivery carriers in all the markets we serve, and this allows us to achieve great cost savings and quality of service which we then extend to our customers to benefit from. Our fast transit times and competitive rates have allowed many of our clients to significantly grow their international orders.


Q: What do you think distinguishes YunExpress from other cross-border transportation providers?

A: Top eTailers doing business cross-border dislike uncertainty — especially when it comes to logistics. So, we have taken several steps to address this: We only invoice on actual weight (no annoying dimensional factor) and we do not assess any fuel, customs, or any other surcharges. Importantly, we only perform DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) customs clearance which results in a much more streamlined, efficient, and satisfactory delivery experience. YunExpress also guarantees 100% tracking up to the door for each parcel sent through our network along with regular tracking updates.


Q: How does YunExpress make shipping easy for its customers?

A: At YunExpress, we appreciate how important it is for shippers to easily be able to integrate with us to use our services. In terms of labeling, YunExpress operates a highly efficient API which we constantly enhance to suit the needs of our customers. Alternatively, we provide an easy online interface allowing customers to create shipments in batches via simple Excel upload, or customers can even apply their own labels on parcels and provide us the barcode data — we simply scan your label! In terms of tracking, YunExpress tracking milestones are fully visible on Amazon, eBay, and Aftership. In terms of import tax calculation, YunExpress assists with the calculation 100% upfront, so that our customers will be able to include taxes (and duties, if high value) on their international checkout page.