Established in 2020, YunExpress Europe is a leading provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics. The company works closely with local partners, running over 100 daily logistics routes across 30 European countries. Today, YunExpress Europe operates subsidiaries in 21 of these countries, among which its headquarters is based in the Netherlands. With strong connections with 20 key inbound gateways in Europe, including AMS, CDG, LGG, LHR, MAD, BUD etc. YunExpress Europe is well-positioned to provide import and export services throughout its Pan-European network. 



YunExpress Europe offers a wide range of cross-border services to e-commerce B2C and B2B traffic. Thanks to its well-established logistics network and self-controlled line hauls, it specialises in one-stop end-to-end international shipping and delivery solutions, including Customs Clearance. YunExpress Europe helps e-sellers comply with IOSS and DDP customs rules both within and outside the EU. The company’s 21 (and growing) logistics hubs, local know-how and trusted partnerships – all spanning dozens of European countries – are supported by a robust network of last-mile delivery carriers. Its tailored land freight solutions can serve European clients with flexible and fast cross-border cargo transportation, including full-truckload (FTL) and less-than-full-truckload (LTL) shipments 


From undeliverable returns to consumer returns (including quality inspections and resending), YunExpress Europe also offers a range of additional scalable services for extra peace of mind. Furthermore, as part of the global scope, the service of YunExpress covers more than 220 countries and regions worldwide. Its teams are experts in shipping and delivery logistics beyond Europe, ensuring hassle-free air-freight connections with important markets such as China, APAC, and North and South America. 


E-Commerce Logistics Rising Star in the Spotlight: YunExpress Europe


Clients of YunExpress enjoy industry-leading processing, transit and delivery times, with simple, convenient and practical solutions offered at competitive shipping rates. YunExpress Europe also guarantees a reliable service with full data and API integration, customised labels and end-to-end tracking options for every e-commerce parcel, recognised by most of the global and regional e-commerce platforms and web shops.  


Your Parcel, Our Mission. YunExpress Europe is committed to build an open, sharing and efficient e-commerce logistics ecosystem, by working closely with all the stakeholders and business partners together. In 2022, the company plans to further expand its logistics network in Europe, and thereby provides the existing and potential business partners with optimized delivery solutions. 


About YunExpress Europe:

YunExpress is one of the world’s leading logistics providers, delivering seamless solutions to the global cross-border e-commerce sector. YunExpress was founded in 2014, and has now over 1,500 employees connecting e-retailers from 6 continents and shipping over 1.2 million parcels for the e-commerce sector daily. In 2020, the European headquarters of YunExpress was established in the Netherlands, which works in close partnership with local operations in over 30 European countries, with subsidiaries running in 21 among them. Over 100 logistics routes are operated by YunExpress daily throughout Europe. YunExpress Europe stands out from competitors through cost-efficiency, timeliness and customised solutions tailored to the needs of e-retailers and end customers.


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