Equipment Maintenance Engineer

Location: The Netherlands Release Date: 02. Dec. 2021

Job Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the daily maintenance of all operating equipment at the overseas branches or be responsible for the maintenance of equipment in certain sites. Be able to maintain good communication with suppliers;
  • Responsible for the establishment of a safety inventory management system for operating equipment and spare parts in the European region, and preventing production impact issues caused by equipment abnormalities;
  • Responsible for promoting the recruitment and training of equipment maintenance staffs at various overseas branches, providing job guidance and sorting out the assessment plan for certain positions;
  • Establish safety systems such as equipment operation requirements and maintenance requirements to prevent potential dangers of equipment safety accidents;
  • Regularly inspect the implementation of equipment maintenance at each site and make a ledger for traceability;
  • Establish maintenance guidelines for common abnormalities in the site, and establish standard specifications for the classification of abnormalities.


Job Requirements:

  • Familiar with automation equipment, have similar maintenance work experience, and have done equipment maintenance management work in a certain region or specific site;
  • Familiar with the solutions to common abnormalities of various equipment, and can quickly and timely resolve equipment abnormalities to ensure normal operation.;
  • During the past three years, it would be better to have experience in a logistics enterprise group or region. Experience in an equivalent position overseas or responsible for overseas projects will be a plus;
  • Familiar with office software, able to independently complete the output of the reports;
  • Have process management thinking, and have the ability to consider problems from the overall situation, and can see the essence according to the phenomenon;
  • Perseverance in working, pressure tolerance, and excellent interpersonal relationship management skills;
  • Accept overseas business trips, English ability as a working language will be a plus;
  • Ability to learn continuously and have a continuous awareness of advanced equipment and technological processes.


What We Offer:

  • Rapid developing company with listing potential, one of the top leaders in the market;
  • A youthful, dynamic and highly engaged workplace based on a culture of respect and excellence;
  • Competitive Salary Package;
  • Visa sponsorship possibilities, bonus, pension, etc.;
  • High localized team with flexible, harmonious and ambitious atmosphere;
  • Festival gifts & team building activities;
  • Free COVID-19 prevention items.
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